Residential Air Conditioning

Gosford Air specialise in residential split system & ducted air conditioning on the Central Coast.

Does your home get too hot in summer and too cold in winter?

We can help you create a comfortable climate in your home all year round. From single rooms to multi-storey homes, we can supply and install the right system for your home.

So how do you choose what type of air conditioning unit best suits you?

There are two types of air conditioning units, Ducted Air Conditioning and Wall mounted / Split-System Air Conditioning. Both of which allow you to cool or heat your home as you please.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system is designed to control the climate of an entire house. This type of system allows for you to easily control the temperature in your home during summer and winter.

For your ducted system to be effective, it must be the correct size (powerful enough) to maintain your desired temperature(s).

A ducted system will also allow for you to control as many or little different rooms and their temperatures as you desire. This also allows you to reduce energy consumption of your system.


Split System Air Conditioning

A wall or split system air conditioning setup is a more economical solution for heating and cooling single rooms.

A split system or wall mounted system allows you to heat or cool a single room or multiple rooms with multi indoor heads with one outdoor system. We can also supply floor console and under ceiling units, if the split system is not suitable for your particular home.


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