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Gosford Air specialise in residential split system and ducted air conditioning.

Gosford Air Cooranbong

Here at Gosford Air, we promise to provide the most comprehensive Cooranbong air conditioning service around. From full installation work, to both minor and major repairs, we’re the company to call on for reliable and dependable service. We even offer regular preventive maintenance to keep your system up and running. We serve the whole Central Coast, include Cooranbong and the surrounding areas, and work with all major air conditioning brands domestically and commercially.

Service and Repair Cooranbong

Gosford Air has been in business for over 25 years, providing excellent service that can’t be beat. Our team of experts are highly qualified and can handle all residential or commercial Cooranbong repairs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cooranbong

Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure your Cooranbong home or business stays cool and comfortable year-round. Here at Gosford Air, we’ll periodically service your system, so it remains in good working condition at all times. From part installation to complete system replacements or preventative measures, we’ll provide service you can count on when you need it the most.

If you need Cooranbong air conditioning installation, repairs or HVAC maintenance for your home or business, call on Gosford Air. We offer excellent residential and commercial air conditioning service at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free quote and to receive information about our services.

So how do you choose what type of air conditioning unit best suits you?

There are two types of air conditioning units, Ducted Air Conditioning and Wall mounted / Split-System Air Conditioning. Both of which allow you to cool or heat your home as you please.

Ducted Air Conditioning


A ducted air conditioning system is designed to control the climate of an entire house. This type of system allows you to easily control the temperature in your home during summer and winter.

For your ducted system to be effective, it must be the correct size (powerful enough) to maintain your desired temperature(s).

A ducted system will also allow for you to control as many or little different rooms and their temperatures as you desire. This also allows you to reduce the energy consumption of your system.

Split System Air Conditioning


A wall or split system air conditioning setup is a more economical solution for heating and cooling single rooms.

A split system or wall mounted system allows you to heat or cool a single room or multiple rooms with multi indoor heads with one outdoor system. We can also supply floor console and under ceiling units, if the split system is not suitable for your particular home.

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We achieve this by employing qualified, honest and reliable staff who are able to meet the needs of the public, with their professional approach to our customers, thus enabling the smooth running of our business. We have dedicated staff in sales, service and commercial divisions which allows for them to build on their expertise to ensure your air conditioning requirements are met to the highest of standards.





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